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Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Blue light is a topic that has become very confusing, with a myriad of opinions and over-zealous interpretation of science. Briefly, blue light is both beneficial and potentially a source of discomfort. To state that it is harmful, really applies more to UV light then it does to HE (high energy) blue light. You need blue light to regulate your circadian rhythm, mood, energy and some body functions. Blue light is everywhere such as the sky, lighting systems, TV and, of course, digital devices.

Children are certainly more susceptible to blue light than adults. So, should they have blue blocking lenses? It won’t hurt, but it won’t necessarily help either. Should non-prescription blue blocking lenses be used? Same answer. A thorough eye examination is always the first place to start, and then investigating potential solutions to real problems, is the very best answer to, “should I get blue blocking lenses?”

The substantial increase in digital device viewing has increased eyestrain, headaches, dry eye and a list of associated conditions. Blue light is out of focus, which contributes to these symptoms. But, your visual system is more likely to have small refractive errors that place the eye out of focus, or alignment issues that also are a real source of discomfort, than just one portion of the visual spectrum that is causing all the problems. As an analogy, suggesting that the problem with the steering in your car is solely due to one tire being under-inflated is missing that it could be all the tires under-inflated, worn tires, alignment issues, brake problems, suspension problems etc.

At Nuvue Optometry we have invested in the latest technology to analyze your visual systems, including the revolutionary Neurolens technology. If you have any questions about an eye issue please feel free to call our office any time and our friendly staff can provide advice on how this emergency needs to be handled. Stay safe, everyone!

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