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How to Choose Your Perfect Sunglasses for the Okanagan Summer

How to Choose Your Perfect Sunglasses for the Okanagan Summer

Summer is officially upon us and it is time to find a stylish, yet functional pair of sunglasses for our Kelowna paradise.

When looking for a pair of sunglasses, the most important feature is to ensure they have 100% UV A and UV B coverage. Overexposure to UV rays has been linked to a variety of eye health conditions. Fact: Cheap sunglasses without 100% UV protection do more harm than good because they enlarge the pupil and increase UV light exposure. The lens colour is also an important factor. Brown lenses tend to enhance colours, while gray lenses don’t affect the colour you see. Often lighter brown lenses are more comfortable for partially cloudy days and dark gray lenses work well on bright sunny days.

The final aspect to think about is polarization. Polarized lenses are the best technology for reducing reflective glare when driving and boating. Think about all the times you have noticed the Okanagan sun causing an unbearable glare off of the lake or another car. Polarized lenses, in these situations, reduce the reflective glare to a comfortable level and keep you safe. One activity, where it is better to have a non-polarized sunglass would be golfing. Golfers often use light reflections from the grass to read the grain of the green, when putting.

Maui Jim makes one of my favourite sunglass lenses. This company has superior glare elimination by using a fusion technique during the manufacturing process. These lenses enhance colour perception by using a unique material to eliminate unwanted light waves. Finally, Maui Jim has excellent scratch resistance and warranty for it’s high quality product.

At the Sunglass Cove, inside Nuvue Optometry, we carry fun, fashionable and sporty sunglasses to bring out your personality, while protecting your eyes this summer. Please come in and talk to our friendly staff and Optometrists, if you have any questions about sunglasses or UV protection. Stop by and take a look at our amazing collection of Ray Ban, Maui Jim, Hugo Boss, Dragon, Zeal, Tiffany and Co., Tom Ford, and MCM sunglasses.

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