Vision should be an afterthought, something that just happens. For many though, despite their current vision solution, it's a burden that makes normal, everyday life a challenge. They struggle with the constant irritation of dry eye, soft lenses that under perform, contact lenses that never seem comfortable or just poor overall clarity of vision. Now there's a solution. The Custom Stable is a lens that is restoring vision and changing lives.

Unlike traditional GP lenses that lie directly on the cornea, the Custom Stable vaults over the cornea allowing for a natural tear lens to form with a perfect contour that provides an exact fit for maximum hydration and comfort. In addition, a rotationally symmetrical scleral design makes blinking and lens rotation issues a thing of the past. The result is crisp vision and eyes that stay clean, healthy, and hydrated all day long. If you are having any issues with clarity, contact lens comfort, fluctuating vision, or ghosting of images consider the Custom Stable contact lens.

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Three Simple Reasons to go Scleral

See what the right pair of contacts can do for you!

Are Contact Lenses Right for You?

If you have high astigmatism, dry eyes, LASIK surgery complications, difficulty with soft contact lens clarity, or ghosting of images the Custom Stable scleral lens might be right for you. Ask our Doctors at Nuvue Optometry about this lens today.