Protecting Your Eyes

We all know UV rays can be harmful to your skin. But what about your eyes? UV rays can seriously damage your vision. At Nuvue Optometry, all of our stock single vision lenses come with a Anti Reflection coating at no additional cost. Anti Reflection coatings give your eyes the best available protection, on a clear lens, against harmful UV rays. UV rays are a major hazard for your eyes and the skin around your eyes, causing: Accelerated skin aging (wrinkles), Eye diseases (cataracts) and Risks of cancer (90% of skin cancers occur on the face and neck, of which 5 to 10% on the eyelids). Our lenses our coated on both sides to protect from UV damage from the front of the lens and reflected UV damage off the back of the lens.

UV rays are everywhere, 365 days a year: 40% of UV exposure occurs when not in full sunlight (all year long, even in cloudy conditions and at home) and over 90% of UV rays may pass through clouds. Your lenses must respect two criteria to reach the minimum level of protection. First, they must block at least 20% of harmful blue light while offering a minimum UV protection of E-SPF 25 protection. The short-term benefits for this are clear: Reduced digital eyestrain paired with overall well-being (regulation of sleep/wake cycle, better mood and cognitive performances). Anti Reflection coating also offers Long-term protection, combating premature aging of the eyes (wrinkles) & Eye diseases (cataracts and age-related macular degeneration).

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Anti Reflection coated lenses acts like a shield, protecting against scratches, glare, smudges, dust and water for enduring clarity of vision

Protect Your Eyes AND Your Lenses

Coat your glasses with Anti Reflection

The Anti Reflection Treatment Provides