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Symptoms That Warrant An Emergency Visit With An Optometrist

Symptoms That Warrant An Emergency Visit With An Optometrist

Optometrist taking a closer look at pupil while performing dilated retinal exam

Eye and vision emergencies are common enough that they will probably affect someone you know during your lifetime. People often put off going to the Doctor hoping that issues will resolve on their own. This tends to be the case with eye and vision symptoms as well. Waiting can often lead to long-term vision loss. This article will provide a guide of some common eye and vision symptoms that warrant an emergency examination with an optometrist:

  1. Flashes and floaters- can be a sign of a retinal tear or detachment
  2. Sudden vision loss- possibility of wet macular degeneration or a stroke.
  3. Pain on eye movement- need to be assessed for Optic Nerve inflammation.
  4. Double vision- potentially from a stroke or a nerve palsy
  5. Red painful eye-could be from and infection, inflammatory disease, or type of glaucoma.
  6. Eye injury-chemical burns, foreign bodies, or abrasions need to be checked immediately

If you experience any of these symptoms or have a concern that feels urgent please book an eye exam with an eye care provider right away. Earlier diagnoses and treatment often improve the outcome greatly. At Nuvue Optometry, we provide emergency eye care services and we will examine you on the day that you call. During these visits we will determine if we can prescribe a treatment or if an emergency referral to an eye surgeon is required. If you have any questions about any eye care services, including emergencies, please call our friendly staff at Nuvue Optometry anytime.!


If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation, please call our friendly office anytime.

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