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Optometry’s Role in Urgent Eye Care

Have you experienced an eye problem and didn’t know which eye doctor to call or which clinic to go to? This is a common concern among patients and I would like to outline the emergency services we provide at Nuvue Optometry. Some of the most common eye issues include pink or red eye(s), injuries, inflammation, foreign objects in the eye, loss of vision or flashes and floaters:

Red/pink eyes – There are many causes of red, itchy, or painful eyes. Conjunctivitis is common and can arise from allergies, bacterial or viral infections. The treatment varies depending on which type of conjunctivitis is present. Blepharitis is a common cause of red eyes and involves symptoms of burning, itching and tearing. It may require medication treatment along with an eyelid cleansing routine. Uveitis can sometimes be misdiagnosed as conjunctivitis without a proper assessment by a professional. It presents as a red and painful eye but it is actually an inflammation within the eye, not an infection. The treatment is a course of steroid eye drops
and sometimes an investigation for a systemic etiology.

Foreign objects in the eye – We have techniques and tools to remove foreign objects from the eye. Such foreign objects could include pieces of metal, dirt and debris, eyelashes, and lost contact lenses, to name a few. Embedded pieces of metal will be removed and any remaining rust will need to be removed with an instrument called the Alger Brush. If you think there could be a piece of metal in your eye, do not wait to have it assessed, come and see us as soon as possible. The longer the metal remains in your eye, the more inflammation and rust will form and result in a longer recovery time.

Injuries – Include corneal abrasions and welder’s flashes. Treatment for corneal abrasions include moisturizing drops, antibiotic drops and bandage contact lenses to reduce pain. A welder’s flash can be quite painful and cause inflammation to the cornea. Anti-inflammatory drops and moisturizing drops may be prescribed to help with pain and light sensitivity. Flashes of light and floaters – These are not symptoms to be ignored as they could be signs of a retinal tear or detachment. When you come to the office with flashes and floaters in your vision, the retina will be thoroughly assessed and if any retinal holes, tears, or detachments are found, an urgent referral to an eye surgeon will be made.

Sudden loss of vision – This could potentially be the result of a stroke or wet macular degeneration. A stroke in the eye can cause temporary or permanent loss of vision. It is important to have this evaluated so that strokes to the brain or death do not ensue. Wet
macular degeneration can cause a sudden onset of blurring, distortion or dark areas in the central vision. If you are diagnosed with wet macular degeneration then a referral to a retinal specialist for proper treatment will be initiated.

If you have any questions about an eye issue please feel free to call our office any time and our friendly staff can provide advice on how this emergency needs to be handled. Stay safe, everyone!

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