NuVue Optometry

NuVue Optometry is a locally owned Kelowna clinic, by Doctors Brad and Devin Almond. Our Doctors and staff create a warm, family friendly environment that ensures a personal experience. We are a full scope practice offering all optometric services including; glaucoma and diabetes co-management, dry eye management, macular degeneration and cataract assessment, as well as specialty contact lens fitting.

Using advanced technology for glaucoma and macular degeneration screening, we will provide a thorough eye health examination. Our dry eye clinic is available to determine the underlying cause of dry eyes and the appropriate management. Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art refractive technology, to design a precise and clear eyeglass prescription. Most single vision prescriptions can be crafted into your frames the same day, with our in-house edging lab. The optical dispensary at Nuvue Optometry has a frame for everyone. From high fashion to budget, funky to conservative, our optical will have a frame that fits your personality. Nuvue Optometry is always accepting new patients. We would love to get to know more people in our community, so whether you want to come book an appointment or drop in and say hi, our friendly doors are always open.

We're here to serve you & your eyes!

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Meet The Optometrists

Dr. Brad Almond

Clinic Director

Dr. Brad Almond (senior) graduated from the University of Waterloo in 1980 and received his Ocular Therapeutics certification from Northeastern University in 1993. He practiced in Calgary for 27 years and operated two advanced optometry clinics until his semi-retirement in 2007. During that time, he was involved with the provincial and national optometry associations in various capacities, including government negotiations and legislation. He was editor of an optometry journal, and has been enlisted by ophthalmic industry providers to lecture and investigate new treatments and instruments, throughout his career. Dr. Almond was one of the co-founders of Canadian Vision Care, which provides charitable eye care to the underprivileged in the Caribbean. He moved to the Okanagan in 2007 with his soul mate Esther, and their two amazing sons.

Dr. Devin Almond


Dr. Devin Almond is the second generation of eye doctors in the family. He graduated from UBCO with a BSc degree and went on to study optometry at Pacific University in Oregon. He graduated obtaining a Doctor of Optometry degree, with distinction, in 2014. His clinical internships included specialty contact lens clinics and a rotation at the Spokane Veterans Hospital, where he has had extensive experience with vision and eye disorders. Devin brings to the practice a special interest in contacts, dry eye treatment and co-management of eye disease. He is married to his beautiful and talented wife Olivia (a pharmacist) and they both look forward to living and practicing in the Okanagan. To learn more about Dr. Devin Almond, read this interview posted in Kelowna Now.
  • Andy Pichie - 2019
    Haven't been to eye doctor for a long time. Was having a hard time finding one that direct billed Manulife. These guys do! They got me in right away, very pleasant friendly staff here.
    Andy Pichie - 2019
  •  Edward Brown  - 2019
    Exceptional experience and great staff. The girl from whom I purchased my frames and did my fitting was great, and not once did I feel pressured into purchasing something other than what I want, which I have experienced elsewhere. Always going to be my optometrist of choice.
    Edward Brown - 2019
  • Samantha Grace - 2019
    I have been impressed with Nuvue every time I have gone in. They have some very affordable, stylish lens & frame packages, and their staff are extremely helpful and professional. They take the time to make sure your glasses fit great when you leave. And when my frames that were less than a year old broke (totally my fault), they replaced them in 4 days at no charge. The eye exams are thorough as well, and the optometrists take the time to explain test results to you. I would definitely recommend trying Nuvue!
    Samantha Grace - 2019
  • Paula Madsen - 2019
    I was very impressed with the professionalism and advanced technology that this optometry provided. Each member of staff and Dr. Almond made me feel comfortable and assisted me in choosing frames for my sunglasses and reading glasses. They have a large selection of frames so appreciated the help choosing the right frames for me. Their prices are affordable and I highly recommend this optometrist for all your eyecare needs.
    Paula Madsen - 2019
  • William Head - 2019
    I recently attended this clinic for a complete eye exam. I found the ladies on the desk to be very courteous and helpful. I also found the examination they administer to be very thorough using what appeared to be some very sophisticated equipment. They even took my blood pressure which was a first for me at an optometrists clinic. Dr. Almond was very professional. He took the time to listen to my concerns and explained his findings in detail in an easy to understand fashion showing test results on a computer screen. My family and I have found a new optometrist! Thank-you!
    William Head - 2019
  • J W - 2019
    Great team of staff. Everyone was very professional and friendly. Dr. Devin Almond was super; he answered the questions I had about my eye, its health, and my prescription. Everything he said was clear and helpful. Looking forward to future appointments here! This is truly an exceptional optometry office.
    J W - 2019
  • Cody Stickles - 2019
    Its such a fun environment * says the wife *. Great staff well taken care of anytime! Staff was very helpful in finding the right fit for my face. I would reccomend to anyone needing new glasses to check this place out!
    Cody Stickles - 2019
  • Jamie Gawletz - 2018
    From the moment you walk into Nuvue, you will be impressed with the clean and bright environment along with the great staff. The equipment is state-of-the-art and the optometrist, Devin Almond, was an amazing Professional from beginning to end. The staff were outgoing and great to work with in finding a pair of glasses; they definitely cater to each individuals liking. I highly recommend this establishment. I won't be going anywhere else for eyewear or eye exams. 100% recommended.
    Jamie Gawletz - 2018
  • Gerry Tessier - 2018
    Amazing staff, very professional, and completely in touch with their customers. Best experience I've ever had.
    Gerry Tessier - 2018
  • Bradley Bishop - 2018
    I had a new set of lenses within an hour of walking in the door Excellent service. And I can see better! Thank you.
    Bradley Bishop - 2018
  • Emily Mathieson - 2018
    Excellent staff and doctors!! Would recommend to all my friends. They make everything so easy, from helping you pick the right frame for your face to direct billing your insurance!! Thanks to everyone at Nuvue!
    Emily Mathieson - 2018
  • Peter Williamson - 2018
    I Would like to Thank Dr Devon Carol for picking out the Best Glasses for Me And Shaylee for Properly fitting my New Glasses to my Head All 3 of you did a Fantastic Job Thanks Very Much Peter
    Peter Williamson - 2018
  • JIM FRASER - 2018
    Our two new puppies decided to make a meal of my eyeglasses. Lost for 4 days and finally found in what I thought was irreparable condition. I took them in to Nuvue, where they were purchased, and in less than 10 minutes they were almost as good as new. And at no cost to me. The staff here are courteous, friendly and extremely helpful. Don't know why you would go anywhere else for your eyeglass needs.
    JIM FRASER - 2018
  • Jenny Wanderlust Landis - 2018
    I would give everyone who works there a 6 if I could. They were able to help me out with my broken glasses and a couple pairs of contacts too! They were friendly and very accommodating.
    Jenny Wanderlust Landis - 2018
  • Tyler M. Wood - 2018
    I was referred to this company by a coworker, who had nothing but great things to say. I walked in to Nuvue, not knowing what to expect. I was unfamiliar with the business, and very hesitant. With that being said, all my concerns were taken from me, the moment I was greeted. From the first hello, I was treated with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. Each person I dealt with was as knowledgeable and courteous as the last. They asked what I was most interested in, what my concerns with certain brands were, and what I was planning to use my glasses for. They then showed me around to the different sections, and patiently waited as I un-decisively tried on dozens of pairs of perfectly presented high end glasses. In the end, I found the most perfect pair!! I was then politely helped through my insurance details, and we finished with no financial surprises. Not only did they provide the best service, but their glasses and presentation were second to none I’ve ever seen! If you are anywhere near Kelowna, and are looking for a great pair of premium prescription lenses or sun-glasses, then you must certainly try them out. I will surely be taking my wife here to get tested and fitted, within the month. 7 out of 5 stars!
    Tyler M. Wood - 2018
  • Courtney Marchand - 2018
    Only the best optometrist out there. The ladies are so fun! So fast and extremely fair. Definitely recommend them to be your next favourite eye glass store too!
    Courtney Marchand - 2018
  • Marta L - 2018
    Amazing customer service and experience!! From the professional and friendly staff to the knowledgeable doctor I saw (Dr. Devin Almond), I would highly recommend booking a visit here.
    Marta L - 2018
  • Norm Phillips - 2018
    If you would like to experience a first class customer service experience in optometry please visit Nuvue in Kelowna. I chose Nuvue because of their high online reviews. I have to admit I was sceptical of so many 5 star ratings. I recently moved from Calgary where I was advised by an opthemologist to see an optometrist for a special type of lense to correct my vision problem. I called Nuvue and made an appointment. Right from the time I walked through the door on my first visit and my subsequent visit to pick up my glasses I I was delighted with every aspect of this office. Very friendly, knowledgeable and capable staff. I was very impressed with Dr. Devin Almond. Very confident, competent and professional manner. He asked the right questions. He understood exactly what I needed to correct my eyesight problem. Devin Explained my situation and the resulting lenses are providing me with the best vision I’ve had in 20 years. I do not give out 5 stars easily, but I can’t think of a critical thing I can say about this office. Without a doubt I’d recommend Dr Devin Almand and staff to family and friends. Thank you!
    Norm Phillips - 2018
  • TJ Nyce - 2017
    Amazing staff, funny, friendly, and kind!! I've never felt so good about going to the Optometrist!
    TJ Nyce - 2017
  • Tom Macauley - 2017
    Dr. Almond is hilarious. What an awesome guy. The front end staff was also incredibly warm and friendly. Thank you for the hassle-free experience! I can "see" .. why you guys get great reviews.
    Tom Macauley - 2017
  • Deb Asselstine - 2017
    Thank You Nuvue Optometry for the genuine service I received today! Dr. Almond, you and your staff went over and above getting me in to have my eye checked. After many walk in clinics, I felt someone gets it and wants to help. I left there feeling, what a great place! I would recommend anyone looking for good eye care, this be the place. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Absolulte 5 star from me.
    Deb Asselstine - 2017
  • Maybelle Ann Alba - 2017
    I work in a field where hospitality service must be provided. Hence, I know how is the pressure when it comes to rendering satisfactory service regardless of the situation. But hey, this clinic seemed all natural! Not even once I felt like a burden in asking them questions and giving them details of what I want for an eyewear. Two Thumbs Up NUVUE TEAM!!!
    Maybelle Ann Alba - 2017
  •  Rachel M. - 2016
    The professional and friendly Nuvue team makes eye exams an enjoyable experience. I was impressed by their state of the art equipment and would recommend them to anyone looking for a great optometrist!
    Rachel M. - 2016
  • Danielle S. - 2016
    I had an eye exam here, and ended up purchasing my glasses from Nuvue. I am trying to remember now, but I actually think I chose my glasses and they prepared them the same day! It was easier to choose the glasses because they had a program on an iPad that could put my face side by side to compare the glasses I was waffling between. They also gave me two types of contacts to try to see which ones I liked better before buying them. I ordered my contacts from here too, and was hoping to have them before my trip to Cuba, but they weren’t in. They hooked me up, and gave me a couple to cover at least a few days during the trip! I would definitely recommend Nuvue.
    Danielle S. - 2016
  • Evan R. - 2016
    Dr. Devin Almond is an excellent optometrist. He is extremely thorough, explaining the relevance of everything he does through the use of visual aids. I was also very impressed by the fact that his staff even took my blood pressure, which is definitely a first for a visit to the optometrist. He spend a lot of time fine tuning both my prescription and lens selection – I have had a lot of trouble with contact lenses in the past, but not at Nuvue. Highly recommended!
    Evan R. - 2016