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The Unknown Optometry Services: Teleoptometry and Eye Emergencies

The Unknown Optometry Services: Teleoptometry and Eye Emergencies

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Many people think of Optometrists as their Doctors that prescribe new glasses for vision. That is a big portion of what we do, but most of our training is for medical optometry. As your primary eye care provider, we are able to diagnose, treat, or refer your eye health concerns. There are some exciting new services offered by Optometrists and hopefully you will think of our profession if you have any eye health concerns. 

Eye emergencies can range from red eyes to vision loss. At Nuvue Optometry, these services are fully covered by your BC care card. These concerns can be addressed with an office visit or now they can sometimes be addressed over Teleoptometry. This new service allows you to have access to optometric advice at the touch of your phone. We now have the ability to provide our patients with a phone or video consult that is completely covered by their BC care card. Teleoptometry is useful for triaging vision loss, eye drop refills, red eyes, painful eyes, dry eyes, and itchy eyes. This service is not helpful for eyeglasses or contact lens prescriptions. Our patients now have access to our Doctors when they are out of town, in quarantine, or they’re in need of a convenient appointment. 

Eye emergencies often don’t get enough publicity. I will go over some fairly common symptoms that warrant an emergent consult with your optometrist. Blacking out of vision for a few seconds to hours, flashes and floaters, a curtain over your vision, a red painful eye, significant yellow discharge, a painful eye with crustiness of skin, double vision, an enlarged pupil, or pain on eye movements should all be seen on an emergency basis. If you have any of these symptoms please advocate for yourself and book an appointment that same day. 

Some parting thoughts from our team at Nuvue Optometry. We love Kelowna, we’re here for everyone, and we are proud to be a member of this community. We hope everyone stays healthy and safe.

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